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How To Build Bike Ramps

how to build bike ramps

    how to
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  • (How To’s) Multi-Speed Animations

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how to build bike ramps - Pentagon Tool

Pentagon Tool XC1 Aluminum Motorcycle Ramp - Hitch Carrier

Pentagon Tool XC1 Aluminum Motorcycle Ramp - Hitch Carrier

Are you looking to transport your motorcycle or scooter but don't want the problems of pulling a trailer? Stop looking--you have just found the premium "Pentagon Tool" motorcycle and scooter carrier! Our carrier is time tested and proven to be the most reliable solution for hauling motocross bikes, scooters and off road dirt bikes. It accommodates bikes with tires up to 5 1/2". Although the carrier measures 75" in length, it will hold motorcycles and scooters up to 85 inches long. We have included extra accessories to make this useable right out of the box--includes tie downs, a free anti-wobble hitch device, and a scooter / small dirt bike attachment bar.

89% (19)

Part 2 - 2010 - Win a Custom Harley Bobber

Part 2 - 2010 - Win a Custom Harley Bobber

Who says an affordable bike has to look cheap? By incorporating some creative ideas into the build, any custom bike can be made to look cool. That’s been our belief at IronWorks for years, and that’s the philosophy the guys at Brass Balls Bobbers maintain, too. And to prove it, they’re taking their “affordable” model, the Model 1, and giving it a few styling cues that should ramp it up to look like a $20,000-plus custom. Base price for the Model 1? Less than $16,000. So, in effect, we’ll show you how to get more than $4,000 worth of free custom components for your bike. (Heck, if you sign up for this sweepstakes, you could get the whole enchilada for free!)

“In the case of the Model 1, our newest bike in the Brass Balls Bobbers line up,” says BBB’s Dar Holdsworth, “we designed a beautiful, simple, refined, hot rod bike, and at an affordable price.”

So how does BBB do it? “First of all,” states Dar, “we are anti-chrome. Not in a hard core sort of way, but we feel you can have too much chrome on a custom. We have a motto, which Aaron Glenn coined: ‘Chrome is a flashy substitute for lack of design.’ Given that, and with a delicate balance between shine and refine, we give the Scotch-Brite treatment to some items on the Model 1, while leaving other parts polished or chromed. We spend about an hour on the bike, taking Scotch-Brite to things like the outer lips of rims and hubs and parts of the primary drive. We also powdercoated the primary’s outer plate to match the tins.” So far, not much has been invested in the components, but their sum total begins to take on that of a one-off custom bike.

“We wanted this bike to have a moniker, like a brand within a brand, so we needed something special,” continues Dar. “We cast an antique tank badge to set this understated monster apart from other models. And in true BBB spirit, we put the badge on the oil tank as apposed to the gas tank. Again, we like being different.”

Other styling cues include the key switch housing, ignition cover that’s cast from zink and a solo seat with the BBB logo. “To make it affordable, we started with an inexpensive vinyl seat from a national vendor. We stripped it, using the pan for our seat that we covered with tooled leather and rivets.”

Finally, Dar adds this: “If you can't wait to win this bike, you can buy one for $15,995, but only for a limited time.

Entrance to Bicycle Inter-Community Action and Salvage

Entrance to Bicycle Inter-Community Action and Salvage

The entrance to the BICAS community bike shop. They sell reclaimed, used bike parts, and offer classes to anyone for a nominal fee. I feel that the existence of a community bike shop in a city means the city has reached a "good" status for bicycling and people who ride bicycles. Walk down the ramp into the basement of a building into an industrial area.

These shops tend to make bicycles and bicycle-specific knowledge available to anyone who seeks it out. More essentially, it invites everyone to attend and learn.

If you thought Working Bikes and West Town Bikes were cool (for Chicago people), then BICAS is like the two combined and on steroids.

I love how colorful this shop is.

how to build bike ramps

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