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Buddy Bike Basket

buddy bike basket

    bike basket
  • A bicycle basket allows a bicycle rider to carry cargo or objects without using their hands. Baskets on children's bicycles and some utility bicycles are often mounted to the front handle bars and are made of wire mesh, wicker, or woven plastic.

  • Buddy is a Norwegian film from 2003. It was directed by Morten Tyldum after a script by Lars Gudmestad. The music was composed by Lars Lillo-Stenberg, known from the band DeLillos. The film was well received by critics, and was awarded two Amanda Awards in 2004.

  • a close friend who accompanies his buddies in their activities

  • Become friendly and spend time with

  • Buddy is an indie pop group from Los Angeles, California formed in 2006 and named after the lead singer.

buddy bike basket - Buddy Basket

Buddy Basket Pink

Buddy Basket Pink

Buddy Basket in Pink The Buddy Pet Bicycle Basket - soft and secure for your pet's comfort and safety. These pet baskets are equipped with an adjustable strap with safety hook that attaches to the back of your dogs harness (harness not included). For your customer's dogs safety a harness must be used with this product. One side pocket holds the built-in rain Poncho - with adjustable opening for your dogs head. Two adjustable heavy-duty nylon straps with quick-release clasps attach the basket to your bicycle handle bars for a secure tight fit. The basket has a metal support frame, and hangs above your bicycles front tire & includes a stabilizer bar. No hardware needed, this pet bike basket installs quickly! Features & Specifications: Side mesh water bottle pocket ? Large front pocket ? Removable padded base ? Strong side walls ? Folds flat for storage ? High Quality Construction & Fabric ? Can be used as a dog tote bag too! ? Accommodates pets up to 14lbs ? Made from heavy duty nylon ? Measures 13" long x 10" deep x 9" high.

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1958 Triumph Chopper and Brad's 69 Mustang Fastback

1958 Triumph Chopper and Brad's 69 Mustang Fastback

My first "big" bike. I bought this Triumph as a basket case in late 1973, determined to build myself a " chopper' as was the rage back then. It began as a somewhat there stock bike, which I sold most of, and gathered parts to chop it. A rigid frame of unknown British origins was chopped, by cutting most of the way through the neck, and heating it with a torch until it "sat right !" " a little more, just a little more, OK STOP!" That's how it was done back then. Bikes were really "chopped" not some store bought crap. Fitting the Hot for the Time 16" fat rear wheel and Skinny 19" front, with minimalist brakes, to get the ride height and angle was not a scientific approach, I just chopped until it looked and felt good.

Engine mounts were fabricated by me, to fit the now rebuilt 750cc, Morgo high compression piston equipped engine. Everything was either built by me, in my yard, I didn't have a garage back then, or in my spare bedroom , to the dismay of my new wife. All the body work, which included molding and smoothing the whole frame I did in the basement, and I polished every single piece of aluminum on the engine until it gleamed like chrome, using the industrial buffers at my job as a musical instrument repair tech, specializing in Brass instruments.

The thing looked awesome, with it's fade paint job, burnt orange to pale yellow, done by my buddy Dave Tinny. It was a kick ass chopper, old school style! Which really meant, it was fast as hell, quicker than a cat with it's ass on fire, handled like shit, couldn't stop unless you hit a stationary object, leaked more fuel than it burned through it's archiac Amal carburtors, had no charging system to speak of, and barely made enough electricity to run the ignition, never mind the lights. If you rode it at night you had better charge the battery first to have lights that didn't go into military blackout mode in less than half an hour. It rode like a bicycle, hard and rigid, sounded like a WWII fighter, and was constantly needing work. A real 70's, lane splittin' slice of death, it looked fabulous, and I loved it!

After a year or so of riding it, I realized I really should have kept it stock, ridable and comfortable. I wanted to actually go places by then, and although the chopper was cool, riding it for more than a half hour required a large tool bag, and a frequent ass massage. I went into the Army soon after, the Triumph sat in my parents garage, until an old buddy bought it.

The next bike would get me into the Japanese performance and handling phase of my motorcycling life. While in the Army, stationed at Fort Rucker US Army Avaition School, I bought a Yamaha RD350, and from then on I was hooked on performance.

The Beautiful 69 Mustang Fastback behind my bike belonged to my buddy Brad Levinski. He took these pictures. That thing was immaculate, and built for drag racing. Every once in a while he'd take me out on Telegraph road for some clandestine street racing. Fun.



this will be out today....
if you are in the SMERSH retail group, you should get a notice as soon as its available.

ok, so i have a theory...
so many female avies in sl are rl guys because of E.T.
im convinced mr steven spielburg was hanging around hollywood with all his machiavellian, cynical, scheming film industry buddies, thinking up new ways to put one over on the film watching public while at the same time making boatloads of money off them. and he goes like- HEY im such an amazing director i can make the children of america fall in love with a giant SCROTUM! so...

he made E.T.

and traumatized and entire generation of young boys.

oh and there was a bike in it.

yet another collaboration between miss abigail underall of tosche station and me, the flop-hop-apotumus, the bmx is mod so you can resize it to fit. so please dont steal it.

to use it, wear the pedals, wear the bmx, and work it like you would a vehicle.
walk is slow riding
run is fast
jump for a typical 9 year olds trick
crouch for another.
and of course it E flipping T. you gotta fly.

click the bike to toggle between a clean bike, a bike with a basket, and one with a um, wrinkly alien, that in NO WAY looks like genitalia. NUH UH. he dunt.

114 prims

Mod, Copy, NO Transfer.

950 Linden

buddy bike basket

buddy bike basket


Features include:

•MPAA Rating: PG
•Format: DVD
•Runtime: 84 minutes

Based on the life of Gertrude Lintz, a Long Island socialite who kept an amazing menagerie of animals on her estate, this very able film by Caroline Thompson (Black Beauty) concentrates on Lintz's relationship with a gorilla named Buddy, whom she raised from infancy on. The film is geared toward kids, but in the very best sense as Thompson orchestrates some very entertaining sequences without cutting corners on logic, the way most forms of children's entertainment do today. Rene Russo is very good as the eccentric woman, and Robbie Coltrane is uncharacteristically warm and fuzzy as her patient husband. Nice support work from Alan Cumming and the rest of the cast. Thompson is aiming for something akin to the live-action glory days of Disney, and she comes close to achieving it. --Tom Keogh

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